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Of Mike and Soda

...for the Mike Schank lover in all of us

2/28/05 09:26 pm - olettuce13a

ya know what...i was bored and i decided to post in this lovely community. it doesnt get enough action. and ya know what else? we need to have our (meaning me and the other two amazing people actually in this community) mike schank party and call this dude up.

2/13/05 02:58 pm - swimster39 - It's alriiiiiiiight, it's okaaaaaaay...

Yeah, I know Uncle Bill said that and not Mike Schank, but I couldn't help it. This is the most wonderful thing ever created! The only thing that could make it better would be if...Fiskie would join! :D

2/12/05 11:29 pm - olettuce13a

so this is the oh so wonderful community in which we can share our love of the oh so wonderful mike schank. come share your thoughts with us!
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